Fibre four packs- you choose.

Small- 300g x4= 1.2kg of hay

Large 1kg x 4 = 4kg of hay

Jumbo Type 1 2kgx 4= 8kg of hay.

Jumbo Type 2 3kg x 4 =12kg of hay

Designed for bunnies and their back teeth....................and other animals
Pack contains:
Type 1
Ultra Timothy hay, Italian Big& stalky,Meadow Hay- Sussex 2020
Munchie Grass.

Type 2
Fibre blend- Timothy & Rye-2020, Ultra Timothy Hay -2020, Italian fine & gold Rye Grass 2020,Meadow Hay so soft 2020

All sizes are approximate

Our hays are- entirely natural and is not chopped or pressed. Its natural structure guarantees natural nibbling fun, will keep your pet busy and help with tooth abrasion. The long stalks ensure this hay stays in the hay rack rather and won't fall on the floor and be soiled.

Please note:

Our hay is an untreated product that varies with weather conditions. Varying shades of green, yellow stalks or a paler colour are not signs of inferior quality. Good hay can be distinguished by smell and consistency and how the rabbits eat it.

Suitable for all animal types-even  horses, sheep and Goats.

This pack is great for keeping bunnies chewing and nibbling all day long. You can vary what they have and keep them interested.
If you find one they really enjoy, large individual bags are available.

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