Hutch Snuggles with Bye-Bye Fly Screen™

to fit  The Lodge double hutch or a hutch that measures

123.5 x 65 x 123

Hutch snuggle with Bye Bye Fly Screen™, the ingeniously designed product that will give extra comfort to your pet.

NASA developed the material from which the hutch snuggle™ is made for the purpose of using it on space shuttles, so the hutch snuggle™ helps to regulate the temperature of the hutch.

The bye-bye-fly-screen helps to keep away these pesky flies - reducing the risk of flystrike, therefore you can feel safe in the knowledge that your pet will feel more comfortable in the summer, cosier in the winter, and look cool all year round!

When used with the hutch hugger™ in cold weather, this creates a micro-climate in the hutch to give your pet extra warmth.
I recommend that the two are used together.

The hutch snuggle™ will fit snugly on both sloping and flat roofs.

If your hutch is within our standard sizes, we recommend that in order to have the hutch snuggle™ fitting your hutch as snugly as possible, your hutch can be up to 5cm smaller.

•Cool pets in the summer
•Cosy pets in the winter
•Easy access for cleaning
•Extra comfort for young
•Nursing or poorly pets
•Natural deterrent to flies
•Reduced risk of flystrike..

This cover is tailored made to fit this cage, it may not fit any other cage unless it is exactly the same size. Please take care when ordering as refunds are not available on wrongly ordered covers. Please refer to our T&C'S.

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