Dandelion Sticks.

A wonderfully tasty treat, full of healthy and natural ingredients. These hard baked sticks make your pet work. Great for all small animals and rabbits too, these hard baked sticks can be hung on your pet's cage to keeping them stimulated for hours! or hand feed.
The Naturals range is prepared with the minimum of processing, additives or added sugars. High quality, interesting ingredients such as ginkgo, beetroot, peppermint, camomile, nettle, parsley and rosehips, help to provide essential vitamins, minerals, oils, bioflavonoids and fibre to aid digestion, help wear growing teeth and promote good health in general. .

PLEASE NOTE: The amount of binding agent used in these STICKS HAS BEEN REDUCED-  this is better for the animals eating them, unfortunately the result is they crumble easily- the bits that have come away can be hand feed to your pet -in fact we do advise hand feeding this in bits or holding it for your pet rather than putting it in to the cage for the animal to eat rather than its feed and hays, it also strengths the bond and trusted between you and your pet when you hand feed.

If this is a problem please do not order this item. Thank you


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