Mr Johnson's Everyday Advance Rabbit 2kg
New improved recipe with added Verm-X®


Advance RABBIT FOOD is a fibrous, nutritious, wholesome tasty mono-component nugget - supplying your rabbit with a tasty, healthy food that overcomes selective feeding.
Feeding the correct diet to your rabbit is essential for maintaining good health. Rabbits require high fibre levels in their diet to assist normal digestive function and aid essential dental wear.

Contains essential fibre to aid intestinal transit and dental wear
Bio-Mos - a natural pre-biotic for a healthy gut flora
De-odorase with yucca extract which improves hutch odours by reducing urinal ammonia
Verm-X - 100% herbal blend to promote intestinal health
No added colourings, flavourings or preservatives
Glucosamine for joint mobility
Mono-component nugget prevents selective feeding

Unique high quality complementary rabbit food that maintains health and vitality and contains yucca extract proven to reduce ammonia levels in excretions. It contains a high level of fibre essential to maintain a healthy digestive system and teeth in a form that is specially suited to the rabbit's digestive system Added natural pre-biotic encourages growth of good gut bacteria and keeps in check bad ones that cause severe digestive upsets The food is fully supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals.

* Reduced hutch and litter smells
* Supports health and vitality
* No waste
* Balanced diet
* Reduced risk from nutrition deficiencies

• Everyday Advance contains a deodorising yucca extract to reduce ammonia levels in excretions, which results in a noticeable reduction in unpleasant hutch and litter odours.
• Everyday Advance includes a natural pre-biotic, derived from dead yeast cells from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that works by blocking the attachment of pathogenic bacteria and in effect modulating the immune system whilst modifying the gut villi to maintain gut health and overall performance. This is a natural source of mono-oligosaccharides which also encourages the development of beneficial bacteria in the hind gut.
The hind gut of a rabbit is populated by a “mixed race” of bacteria, which are naturally present at birth. Some bacteria
are beneficial to the rabbit whilst others are not e.g. E.Coli, Clostridia spp. It is important that the balance of these bacteria is kept in check because an overload of the pathogenic type will cause severe digestive upsets which in extreme circumstances lead to diarrhoea and death.
• Everyday Advance prevents Selective Feeding; many rabbits, when fed a “muesli” type flaked mix, will selectively eat certain ingredients. The trouble with this is that the rabbit can become malnourished as it is missing out on essential nutrients. Everyday Advance is a pellet-based food which has all the necessary elements within each pellet and eliminates the problems associated with selective feeding.

• Everyday Advance contains Arbocel* fibre - a fibre that contains lignocellulose and is especially suited for your rabbit’s digestive system. Arbocel fibre helps to keep the gut functioning correctly so that your rabbit is able to properly digest the food you feed, without compromising on nutritional value. Arbocel fibre is scientifically proven to have a beneficial influence on a rabbit’s gut health. When you feed Everyday Advance with fresh hay, you are providing the right type of special fibre to maintain a healthy digestive system and dental health
• Everyday Advance is fully supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure health and vitality. It contains the correct balance of Calcium and Phosphorus to ensure healthy teeth and bones. It is also boosted with vitamin D essential for the absorption of calcium from the diet, which is particularly important in domestic rabbits where calcium deficiency can lead to facial abscesses, sore mouths and bad teeth.
• Everyday Advance contains a delicious mix of herbs to aid digestion and for extra flavour and palatability.
Feed Everyday Advance for your peace of mind and a happy rabbit.
Nutritional analysis
oil 3.0%, protein 12.0%, fibre 17.0%, ash 7.0%, calcium 0.60%, Phosphorous 0.45%, vitamin A 14000iu/kg, vitamin D3 1600iu/kg,
vitamin E 50iu/kg, copper (copper sulphate) 20mg/kg
* Arbocel ® is a registered trade mark of J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE
GmbH + Co. KG


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Karen D 11/01/2022

Mr Johnson’s rabbit food

My bunnies love this food. They can have upset tummies with other rabbit food, but this one seems to suit their tummies

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