Indoor Cages

Getting your set up right indoors for your rabbit and the space you have can be a fine balancing act.

Enough room for the rabbits to have space- well to be rabbits!! too hop, too jump, to play, to rest and to feel happy and secure in but not taking over your whole house. Our range of indoor cages is not huge as we tend to home our rabbits in them- they need to be right. The Rabbit 150 deluxe is our preferred cage- this gives the bunnies 1800 of space plus the large balcony area- which they just love to take an afternoon nap on. The base is deep enough to keep all the bedding in the cage and not all over your home, but low enough that your bunny can hop out either under their own steam or with the aid of one of our wooden ramps or loggies. The Rabbit 120 deluxe, is suitable for a single rabbit or as a temporary home for outside bunnies in the winter or even as a holiday home.

When the cages are used with one of our playpens this gives your pet/s plenty of safe playing area and the chance for you to train them to be good well behaved house rabbits, once trained they can then be free range, but at night or when you are out they can be safely housed in the cage.

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