Eating Hays

Rabbits are designed to eat large amounts of high fibrous food. Hay should be 80% of your rabbit’s diet.

The importance of hay cannot be overstated:
• Hay keeps cecal flora in balance – it promotes a healthy gut
• The repetitive, rapid chewing movement of eating hay helps maintain dental health
• Hay provides a key component of nutritional needs
• Hay helps prevent fur blockage
• Hay satisfies natural snacking and chewing urges
• Hay encourages natural behaviors

The most common rabbit health problems are gastrointestinal issues and dental disease. Feeding 80% hay is preventative health care. We have an extensive range of eating hays. Timothy hay from the UK and North America - great for keeping those back teeth in order. We have Italian Ryegrass for the fussy eaters in two types: fine and gold and Big and Stalky or if you are not sure then try one of our blend mixes. Then there is our Meadow hay available in two types- Sussex which is a course hay with nibbly bits or So soft probably the softest hay ever with a rich sweet smell. To complete the range we have Freeze dried grass, hay cookies, oat chaff and 1kg hay blocks- which are  great for putting in a hay rack for when you have a few busy days.

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