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"Bunny Bomb about"- un-leash the "wabbits".

Our "bunny bomb about" designed by us, made by us- for the enjoyment of your bunnies and you.  Our "Bunny bomb about" is far more durable than the plastic alternative and more affordable priced-with countless options, as we will design a "Bunny bomb about" to fit your garden space, hutch and run, Wendy house, garden shed or for the spoilt house bunny even your house. The "bunny bomb about" will fit any hutch or run or shed with the choice of tunnel length. 4ft, 7ft, and 10ft. Add a three way connection  to turn the pipe in different directions, to take full use of your garden or add a bomb box to join to other runs. The tunnel is 6.2" (160mm) in diameter and will take up to a 8lb in weight bunny. This is a heavy duty pipe-it is flexible to a degree-but if you are wanting to do right or left hand turns you will need to add a turn connection or a bomb box. This has ventilation slots running down the entire length of pipe, and is easy to clean with a hose pipe and safe for the bunny to be in.  Attached to one of our metal or wooden runs- oh what fun.

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The Malling side run-3ft or 6ft multi way

W180cm X D 60cm X H60cm

Keeps the front of the hutch clear for easy interaction with your bunnies.

Can be fitted to either side of the Double Malling hutch or the right hand side of the single Malling

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