Small Animal Bedding

Getting the bedding right in your hutch or cage can be a daunting process.

We probably stock  the largest selection of bedding  you will find in one place. Straw based litter pellet-great for toilets, chopped lemon straw, Lavender Shavings- that smell so good, natural  Flax, supersorb and our lovely golden Barley straw. With plain shavings and easy peasy bedding. Something for every breed of bunny or small pet. With bulk options available and buy 5 get 6 offers.

For our long hair bunnies we use straw litter pellet with a layer of straw so it's soft on their paws, or the short haired straw litter pellets in the litter trays, with Lavender shavings and a sprinkling of chopped lemon straw.

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