Metal Runs

Probably the best option for your rabbits whilst out in the garden. made of a strong gauge of metal unlike the cheaper ones found online that can be very flimsy and dangerous for your pets. Our metal runs are superb- the 230cm with escape lock weighs in at 24kg with added ground pegs to keep your pets safe. These can be easily linked to your hutch using one of our "Bomb about" tunneling systems,

Our metal runs are durable and easy to move around and they are  virtually indestructible. Even those pets that love to chew at everything can't gnaw through the bars and escape. These metal rabbit runs  fold down, for easy  transport or storage during the winter months.
A metal rabbit run gives your pet a safe space to play in your garden, without your needing to worry about wood rotting or your pet chewing through the bars.

Rabbits and guinea pigs, need exercise so that they stay healthy, fit and happy and a pet run is an ideal way to ensure they are able to do so. Providing a run for your rabbit gives them room to run about and explore, whilst offering protection from predators and other pets.
Our robust metal rabbit runs can be used indoors or outdoors. They come with sun protection, to help keep your pet cool on warmer days, or dry when its raining.

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