Thermal protective cover for water bottles

 320 ml                
In green.
5,5 cm - Diameter
18.5 cm- long
500-600 ml water bottles                        
In green.
6,5 cm - Diameter
22 cm- long

• with neck string for ideal insulation
• keeps water cold or warm

Here is a tip for you. For stopping bottles freezing.

1. Place the bottle with cover inside the cage, fix to the wall by using three hooks plus a bottle spring.
2. Have a second bottle and cover indoors, at room temperature, do not use warm or hot water as this will freeze quicker than cold water.
3. When you go out to check your bunnies or small pets, swap the bottles over. Placing the cold one back indoors to warm back up, ready for the next bunny bottle check.

This will almost guarantee that your bunnies have un-frozen bottles all the time. Your bunny will soon realise that when you swap the bottles over they have room temperature water to drink. So they will be waiting for you.


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