Bunny bomb about tunnel

The black tunnel is 6.2" (160mm) in diameter

by the foot.

2ft-4ft-6ft-8ft-10ft. delivered

11ft-20ft collection only. Please email us -unless you order two lengths of tunnel and a straight connector to re-join the tunnels.

Anything over 8ft/10ft in length is very expensive to send by courier - you are welcome to collect.

Shipping is calculated by mass not dead weight as we are charged for the amount of space our items take up.

Do not be concerned by a large weight as it relates to size and quantity (mass) rather than actual weight and the shipping is calculated on this.

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Rochelle M 10/07/2023


I researched lots of rabbit tunnels from<br /> Various websites/shops. I finally ordered this one. It’s well made and easy to fit. Absolutely perfect for our fluffy friends. They were in the tunnel running around within seconds of being set up ! I would recommend getting the longest tunnel if you can. Makes it more fun for the rabbits to run. We also ordered the door lock (hutch end!) it’s so easy to close, and more to the point rabbit proof. Our two fluff balls are very clever and have previously escaped from various enclosures, however there’s no chance they can get out of this. Believe me this set up is also by far the best value of money. I priced up a similar tube with another website, a 4 ft long time cost the same as this one which is the 10ft tube. Highly recommended ! Thank you ?

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