Fresh English Meadow Hay from Sussex- full of nibbley bits.

Very green with a herbal scent

Our hays are- entirely natural and is not chopped or pressed. Its natural structure guarantees natural nibbling fun, will keep your pet busy and help with tooth abrasion. The long stalks ensure this hay stays in the hay rack rather and won't fall on the floor and be soiled.


Please note:

Our hay is an untreated product that varies with weather conditions. Varying shades of green, yellow stalks or a paler colour are not signs of inferior quality. Good hay can be distinguished by smell and consistency and how the rabbits eat it.

 For delivery purposes this product has a volumetric weight of 2.25kg and  6.24kg.

We bag this hay to order, to ensure that it reaches you in tip top condition for you bunny's or  animals enjoyment.

Suitable for all animal types-even  horses, sheep and Goats.

Sussex HAY- Cut July 2020

Grown in Sussex, This was cut in good dry weather conditions, aired and then baled. This was then barn stored. I selected and grade every bale that we buy. Each  bag is hand pack to assure the best quality. The hay is a pale green to golden in colour, with long blades of pure meadow grass with an abundance of flower/seed heads, loads of nibble bits, which can be prickly but the bunnies love it. The hay smells  nice. My bunnies have been enjoying this hay for the last eight years and give it 5 stars.

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Lynsey P 27/02/2022

Good bedding hay

We use this one on the base of the cage but ours love to nibble on this one it’s a good all round hay

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