"Bunny Bomb about"- un-leash the "wabbits".

Our "bunny bomb about" designed by us made by us- for the enjoyment of your bunnies and you.

2-4 week delivery on these

"Bomb Box"

Our  "bomb box"   turns the pipe in a 45 degree angle for  different directions, to take full use of your garden.

The panels are manufactured in rust resistant coated steel to a high specification  robust rigid construction when assembled. Features: - British design & manufacture.  That will fold flat when not in use.

Approximate Sizes: each wire panel is  22" x 22" (560mm x 560mm).

You have four sides as well as  a top and a bottom, all  fitted together with cable ties, the top lifts open and is locked in to place with a strong springs.

There are two pre-cut holes to fit the single connecting plate too, plus a choice of black tunnel lengths to take the "Bomb Box" tunnel  to the next bunny bomb about area.

Supplied with two medium connection blocks 20cm wide x 38cm high (8"x15")
These are painted Brown with dark oak varnish.

Pick your tunnel length

4ft, 7ft, or 10ft from the drop down list.

The tunnel is 6.2" (160mm) in diameter and will take up to a 8lb in weight bunny. This is a heavy duty pipe**-it is flexible to a degree. -Black tunnel.

This has ventilation slots running down the entire length of pipe, and is easy to clean with a hose pipe and safe for the bunny to be in.
The connection block are made of 18mm ply with 8mm bolts to hold it firmly in place.
These are painted Brown with Dark Oak Stain/ varnish.

Our "Bunny bomb about" is far more durable* than the plastic alternative and more affordable priced-with countless options, as we will design a "Bunny bomb about" to fit your garden space, hutch and run, Wendy house, garden shed or for the spoilt house bunny even your house. We offer a FREE design service.

We can design and build a "Bunny bomb about" to suit you-please email us photo's of your hutch, run and garden.

*Maintenance: We advise giving your wooden connection blocks a coat of stain/varnish yearly-particular the exposed top-where moist could collect.

We will design a "Bunny bomb about" to fit your garden space, hutch and run, Wendy house, garden shed or for the spoilt house bunny even your house.

The "bunny bomb about" will fit any hutch or run or shed with the choice of tunnel black  length.

These are built to order-so please be patient-if ordered with other items -these will  all  be sent  together.  So if you are in a real hurry for your other items please place two orders, we will advise when dispatched. Delivery is 2-6 weeks

Bomb Box Pack includes:

  • Six panels to form a box with lifting lid- with two pre-cut out holes
  • Two single sided connection blocks-to join the tunnel to the bomb box
  • Pack of strong cable ties- to fasten the panels together
  • Two strong springs - to hold the opening roof  shut
  • Choice of Tunnel length or no tunnel-YOU CHOOSE IN DROP DOWN LIST. IF YOU NEED HELP-Please email us, we are happy to design a Bomb about for you.

**The tunnel is new and un-used- but there are a couple of scuff marks to the outside-as this comes into us in a very large roll which is difficult to ship. If this is a problem -then please do not order as the scuffs are beyond our control.

The delivery cost on this item varies depending on tunnel length.

Delivery to Zone 1 & 2 only or collection..

If  you are wanting other items with it please do these on a second order, or you will be over the weight limit and the website will charge the default delivery on top.

Bomb Box
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