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Food, Hays and Bedding Stock up pack 1

This pack is designed to last between 3-5 weeks for a pair of Medium sized bunny that are litter trained living in a 5ft/6ft hutch or indoor cage.

1. The pack is designed to keep your Bunny in the peak of health.
2. Three different hays to promote healthy teeth wear.
3. A balanced mix of feed; low in proteins & sugar but high in fibre.
4. Lavender/lemon bedding designed to keep the hutch/cage smelling fresh and clean, whilst deterring un-wanted flying insects. Shavings can be swapped for "My Flax, superzorb, Easi peasy and a  Please add a note in the comments box.
5. No frills litter pellet- prefect for litter trays.

Pack includes:

  • 5kg Millen Advance Rabbit Food
  • 3kg Ultra Timothy  Hay
  • 3kg- Meadow Hay- so soft,
  • 3kg Italian Rye Grass fine & gold
  • 5kg No frills straw litter pellet.
  • Lavender shavings- jumbo
  • Lemon Chopped Straw
  • Free bag of biscuit treats

Comes in two boxes. (£6 to  Zone 1 & 2)

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