Very small play pen, 8- sided.

Now you may be thinking that I have lost the plot using this for the rabbits, for very young rabbits, it is great to have this built indoors for the bunnies to play in and allow them to get used to you and being picked up.
It is also brilliant for using the panels separately around the house as bunny proofing aids, to block the back of the sofa off, for protecting the wires behind the TV, the list goes on.
It can also be used to divide a bunny home when trying to bond bunnies and the last use I have found is wait for it.....................

Making bunny jumps...

But  it is made for Hamsters......  but oh so useful every where else.

Hamster pen

• for hamster, mice and small rodents

• easy to mount

• expendable

• painted

• 8 pieces per 34 x 23 cm

without accessories

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