The  Malling hutch trap door kit.

If ordered at the same time as a Malling Hutch- we will fit this for you-please select in drop down list.

Keeps the front of the hutch clear for easy interaction with your bunnies.

Can be fitted to either side of the Double Malling hutch.

Supplied with a turn button, an extra bolt can be fitted.

If you already have your hutch -you will need to cut a hole to the side of your choice, and make a door way.

Please note:  The door frame is held tightly in place once attached to the hutch with screws, the turn button holds the door closed- this is a tight fit -to hold the door closed and the turn button in place- so the rabbit can not open these. The doors are sold at cost.
A lockable trap door with a turn button or bolt- but you will still need to cut the hole.

If wanting the side run and  the Malling deluxe hutch at the same time. Please view the super extended hutch-as this will come with the trapdoor already fitted to the middle of the side panel and can be used either side of the hutch.

* Manufactured in the UK


* Compatible with Malling double and single hutch- please check with us if for some thing else.
* Suitable for outdoor use
* Treated with animal safe preservatives


* Treat in between seasons to prolong life of product

Door only
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Cheryl Porton 12/06/2023

Side trap door

This is great, just what I needed! I couldn’t find anything like this elsewhere and it’s a good sturdy door which I can use in my guinea pig run. Very pleased with my purchase.

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