"My Flax"

Two sizes - medium  3.5kg and Large-7kg

My Flax" is a cost Effective bedding due to its fantastic absorbency "My flax" takes up more water/urine per cubic metre than most bedding and once established very small quantities are required to maintain a clean dry bed in your animals cage, being easy to remove just the wet or soiled bedding.
"My Flax" is a natural flax of vegetable origin and biodegradable, so unlike wood based products, it breaks down very quickly to form a quality garden compost.
Because of the nature of the Flax plant it holds the ammonia odour in and most users experience little or no smell in their hutches.

used under chopped straw, barley straw or hay.

"My Flax" Bedding is a premium quality, highly absorbent, easy to use bedding that is extremely economical. Developed specifically for horses and carefully processed to exacting standards, it is also very good for rabbits and other small pets.

"My Flax" Bedding is made from natural flax and provides a clean, dust-free, healthy environment for both you and your pets.

"My Flax "consists of flax shivers, graded and chopped to provide a consistent particle size range. Dust-extracted and free from contaminants, it provides a clean and healthy environment for both you and your pets. The bedding is not only dry but warm and comfortable in the winter and cool and supportive in the summer.

In trials"My flax" bedding was shown to be significantly more absorbent than other premium bedding's, absorbing over 4 times its own weight of water.

At a glance:
Dust-free - providing a healthy environment and reducing respiratory disorders. High absorbency providing for less usage, making cost of bedding per week lower. Very easy to use. Easy to dispose of, rots down rapidly and forms a good quality compost in 6-8 weeks
I use this on my own rabbits with a layer of the lavender straw to the top. Very good for long haired pets.

For delivery purposes this product has a volumetric weight of 6kg and 12kg.

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