Super sized compressed pet bale of Lavender Shavings   -approx. 9kg

Top Quality fluffy white wood shavings with a lovely smell of Lavender.- And they do smell nice.
Helps keep the flies away.
These equals  3 of our lovely wood shavings, all you need to do is fluff it up. For only £15 a saving of £3.75 on  three bags, and cheaper delivery as two of these bales fit in to one box. PLEASE USE THE DROP DOWN LIST WHEN BUYING MORE THAN ONE

Two bales gives you 6 of our normal size bags.

We suggest one of our green handy bags.- just tip your bale in to this and fluff it up






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Cassandra S 21/03/2023

Lavender shavings

The best shavings I've come across - smells absolutely lush in the hutches. A little goes a long way, so well worth the money

Karen D 11/01/2022

Lavender shaving

Excellent quality. Well worth the money. Rabbit hutches smell lovely

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