Sunshine pure barley straw-2kg NEW CROP 2022

Jumbo bag of the best barley straw around.
These short blades of summer sunshine are pesticide free, cut and baled July 2022 and then barn stored.
A natural way to keep your bunnies warm-with this super soft product which they will also enjoy chewing.

For delivery purposes this product has a volumetric weight of 5kg.

Also a 8kg Box of Golden Barley straw

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Natalie A 04/11/2021

Great bedding topper for indoor buns

I use this on top of the lavendar shavings for my indoor bunnies's toilet/hay stack tray. Makes it a lot easier for cleaning up any spillage (they are messy and like to spread everything everywhere) - as they are big chunky stalks. They also love a good gnaw on it too each time I refresh their tray.

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